All About Simplicity...

TowerQ is a web service of LocationQ which is owned and operated by Anthony Graddy.

Anthony graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University in 2005 with a double degree in Business Management and Mass Media Communications with an emphasis in Multimedia. Anthony has been working with internet technologies since 2001 and has extensive experience developing with HTML, PHP, MySQL, Flash, and Javascript/AJAX.

If you have no clue what all those acronyms mean, it's okay! TowerQ works hard to make the complexities of the internet simple. Anthony has developed everything from simple blogs to complex ecommerce. An example of ecommerce would be, a site that allows artists to sell their music online - the entire programming of the site, including the Facebook app and music processing was handled by Anthony (the design was handled by Clevermill). An example of a simple blog would be - a blog that was designed and developed from the ground up by Anthony. The purpose of the site is to share a traveler's experience of trekking all over the world. No matter what your needs, TowerQ has the experience and the capabilities to handle your website.

The internet provides numerous opportunities and at TowerQ we are working hard to make it simple for our customers to take advantage of those opportunities. You don't have to know all the jargon and lingo. You can simply rest assured that you know who you can turn to with any kind of question regarding the internet.

At TowerQ, we believe in simplicity. Listening and responding to your internet needs is our main priority. A business built on service can only be successful if it helps its customers reach success.